About Me


Currently living in Quebec City,  I am a young nerdling who dwelves into the many branches of artistic crafts, ranging from graphic design to editorial illustration, painting, comics, photography, cosplay and even sculpture.


As a professional graphic designer, I always try to  find new ways to create impacting images by experimenting with photography and photomanipulation by sometimes mixing them with my first artistic passions, drawing & illustration. For a few years now I have taken my first steps into the world of professional illustration by being hired by novelists from many horizons to create realistic digital drawings of their characters and even some of their book covers. 


As a hobbyist cartoonist who's also a die-hard zombie movies & survival horror games fan, I am currently working on my first webcomic called 'The Shlapocalypse', a dark comedy about a self-proclaimed army of zombie-apocalypse survivors who battle the undead armed with crafty weapons and witty puns, all inspired by myrself and my closest friends.


As a geeky fangirl, I spare no expense to indulge in my obssesion of the moment, sometimes creating extremely elaborate pieces of fanart, imaginative cosplays or simply converting said obsession into inspiration for original works.


When I am not compulsively creating some kind of artwork, I enjoy watching many TV series, 'so-bad-they're-good' movies and many internet reviewers' shows, all the while playing pokémon like it's 1999 and annoying the hell out of my 3 cats.


I also like pancakes. 
Then again, who doesn't.


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